Water exercises

Water exercises— an innovative way to lose weight

Lose weight quickly by performing some exercises in the water

Do you like being in the water? Do you like splashing around in the pool? Are you looking forward to lose some extra kilos? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then water exercises may be the best workout for you. Exercises can also be done on land for losing weight and staying fit but water exercises have an edge over land exercises in the following manner.

1) Buoyancy: Those exercises, which are difficult to do on land, can be easily done on water due to the property of buoyant force. Ninety percent (90%) of your body is buoyant when in the water up to your neck, so you are not hitting the floor as hard as you would on land.

2) Resistance: Water offers a continual resistance to every move that you make. It offers 12-14 times more resistance than land and resistance does not allow for sudden body movements.

3)Cooling Effects: Heat is dispersed more efficiently so there are less chances of overheating. As water continuously cools the body, water exercises are more comfortable and cooler than land exercises.

Benefits of water exercises

Water exercises brings with it innumerable benefits for the participants in terms of physical, social and psychological aspects. Water exercises are a preferred form of workout for most people due to the following reasons.

1) Fitness
2) Therapeutic
3) Stress release
4) Social meetings
5) Fun

The various benefits of doing water exercises are the following, categorized under three heads.

Physical benefits
  • Improved flexibility and strength
  • Builds up endurance
  • Stronger heart muscles
  • Improves the physique
  • Increases circulation
  • Rehabilitates muscles
  • Increases muscular flexibility and muscular balance
  • Improved ability to control cravings and maintain healthy weight
Social benefits
  • Have fun
  • Association with other people
  • Enjoyable – even when working hard
  • Safe program
Psychological benefits
  • Helps develop a positive attitude (individually and as a group)
  • Contributes to a feeling of well-being
  • Releases stress and tension
  • Teaches patience
  • Renews energy

What are the different water workouts?

There are quite many options, one can explore while in a pool. These are the following.

  1. Deep water running
  2. Flexibility Training
  3. Lap Swimming
  4. Water Aerobics
  5. Wall Exercise (Deep or Shallow)
  6. Using water fitness products
  7. Water Running
  8. Water Toning/Strength Training
  9. Water Therapy & Rehabilitation
  10. Water Walking
  11. Water Yoga & Relaxation

Water exercises for weight loss burns a lot of calories but feels just like play. Walking on water vigorously for a minute, can burn as many as 11 calories, just like running for six miles an hour. In addition, the continuous resistance offered by water forces you to engage more muscles, toning your entire body. The different water exercises for weight loss are the following.

K TreadK-tread: Targets – Arms, back, chest, abs, butt and hamstrings.
1) In the deep end, tread water, making small circles with cupped hands, and lift right leg straight in front of you at hip level while reaching toes of left leg toward bottom of pool. Hold for 5 seconds.
2) Switch legs quickly, bringing right leg down as you raise left leg, and hold for 5 seconds. Continue for 30 seconds, alternating sides.

Otter RollOtter Roll: Targets – Back, abs, butt and legs
1) Hugging beach ball to chest, float on back, legs extended, and feet together.
2) Roll toward left and over top of ball (like an otter spinning in the water), using entire body — shoulders, back, core, legs — to make a full revolution, returning to start. Take a breath. (Beginners can rock from side to side with head above water throughout.)
3) Continue for 30 seconds, alternating direction of roll.

Ball LeverBall Lever: Targets – Shoulders, back, triceps and abs
1) Holding beach ball with arms stretched straight in front of you; float facedown in chest-deep water so legs are extended behind you, feet together. 2) Keeping arms straight, pull ball underneath you, drawing it as fast as you can through water toward thighs in an arc. (As the ball is pressed underneath, it will lift you out of water to take a breath; beginners can keep head above water throughout.) 3) When ball reaches thighs, bend elbows to bring it back to surface and press it forward to return to start position. Continue for 30 seconds.

Pike ScullPike Cull: Targets – Abs, hips and arms<
1) Standing in shallow end of pool, simultaneously sit back into water, treading with hands by sides, and lift both legs together so that you fold at the hips (like a jackknife) and your body forms a wide V, with head and toes just above surface. 2) Maintaining V position, move cupped hands in small circles by hips to tread water and propel yourself forward (sculling) down length of pool for 30 seconds.

Wave MmakerWave maker: Targets – Back, abs, butt and legs
1) Facing pool wall in chest-deep water, hold on to edge of pool deck with left hand and place right palm, fingers pointing down, against wall just below water line for stability.
2) Extend legs behind you at water level with both feet and knees together, then kick like a dolphin: Initiate the motion with abs and hips and transfer it through thighs to knees and finally to feet. Kick as hard and as fast as you can for 30 seconds, trying to make the biggest waves possible.

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