Lose weight quickly

Lose weight quickly with effective exercises

By practicing the most effective exercises for weight loss, you can lose weight quickly.

In order to lose weight safely and effectively, it is essential that we eat healthy and get proper exercise. Exercising burns calories and builds muscles, and if done on a daily basis boosts metabolism. Listed below are the most effective exercises that would help you to lose weight quickly.

Walking: An ideal one for weight loss, walking is a low impact exercise as it does not put much stress on your body or strain it too much. Even those who have certain health issues like obesity or heart disease, walking is a low intensity workout for them that can lead to better overall health.

Swimming: It is a highly effective exercise to lose weight quickly, strengthening and toning your entire body. Vigorous swimming can burn from 400-700 calories in an hour.

Bicycle exerciseCycling: Another low impact physical activity is cycling that can burn around 372 to 1, 100 calories per hour depending upon the terrain, speed and your weight. Outdoor cycling is the best because the varied terrain provides a good cardio workout that not only helps to lose weight quickly but it also uplifts the mood.

RunningRunning: Do you love running? If so, you can make it a part of your cardio workout. Running burns approx. 600 calories in an hour and helps build strong bones, gets your heart pumping at an healthy rate which prevents heart diseases and stroke.

Jumping RopeJumping Rope: This one is a very common and a favourite activity of children across the globe but using it as a weight loss exercise is something different altogether. A ten minute jump gives all the benefits of a cardio workout and burns some calories while an hour of jumping rope burns over 800 calories alongwith toning arms and legs while strengthening bones and joints.

Yard WorkYard Work: If you are not in favour of traditional exercises, here is some good news for you. Cleaning up the yard, pulling up weeds, mowing the lawn or doing some gardening would burn calories at a high rate as sweating out in a gym would do. These activities burn around 300 to 400 calories in an hour and you would lose weight quickly.

Step aerobicsStep Aerobics: This is a low impact workout with excellent cardio and calorie burning benefits. By utilizing an elevated platform, step aerobics involve intense cardio workouts where a 45 minute workout burns about 550 calories.


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