Jump rope workout

Jump rope workout: an intense cardio exercise

Do this jump rope workout everyday for a fit and healthy you

A powerful workout tool, a jump rope is one of the best go-anywhere fitness accessories as it strengthens bones, improves balance and agility while building cardio fitness. Jumping rope is a great calorie burner, tones muscle and improves cardiovascular fitness. At a moderate pace, jump rope workout would burn 16 calories per minute for a man of average build that is equivalent to 480 calories in half hour and 960 calories in an hour. This is more than what you would get after sweating an hour in the gym, walking, jogging or running for an equivalent time.

Benefits of jumping rope

A jump rope workout brings with it many benefits that are beneficial for the entire body. The benefits of jumping rope are the following..

  • Best exercise for the lymphatic system: The lymphatic system helps in flushing out toxins from the body and a jump rope workout facilitates this process. A healthy, circulating lymphatic system is essential to clear and glowing skin
  • A full body workout: A jump rope workout is an exercise for the entire body (literally). It works your legs, abs, arms, heart and mind and increases strength, agility, speed, timing and rhythm. It is a medium impact workout that increases bone density and is a fabulous cardio and strength training workout
  • Can be done anywhere: You do not require a lot of space for doing this jump rope workout-a little in the front and back and a bit overhead; and you are good to go. It can also be done indoors during those cold winter months, when outdoor activity is out of the question
  • Minimal equipment and portable: The workout requires only a jumping rope that can be carried anywhere-in a backpack, purse or briefcase
  • Quick warm up: Jump rope workout is an excellent remedy to warm up if you are feeling cold. You can use this trick to get all warmed up on cold, winter mornings
  • Many variations to keep the workout interesting
  • Inexpensive
  • A fun workout
  • Simple, fast and non-interruptive
Types of jump rope workout

There are seven recommended jump rope workout variations that will have you burning calories and building strength, most of which can be completed in half hour or less.

a) High-speed circuit: This workout is designed to give you just enough rest to keep pushing through all of the exercises, but not enough to let things get easy. It can be completed in 30 minutes and the only requirement is a jump rope.

b) Crossfit Annie: It is a great way to test your double unders and core stamina. You are breathing hard, your abs is worked to the point of cramping, and your shoulders will burn.

c) Core strength builder: Jumping rope burns calories, but when you add in movements that challenge your balance, you engage your core to stay upright. This abs-focused jump rope workout challenges a wide range of muscle groups at once. This workout includes the following exercises.

  • Mountain climbers
  • Jump rope speed steps
  • Air squats
  • Bicycles
  • Walking lunges
  • Jump rope backwards jumps
  • Jump rope single leg jumps
  • Burpees

d) Jump rope for runners: Jumping rope makes you focus on picking up your feet, which makes you a more efficient runner. In this workout, a jump rope is used to elevate the heart before having athletes do a build-up run — gradually accelerate to top speed, hold for a few steps, then slow down, all over 100 meters.

e) The Do-Anywhere, Total-Body Workout: By mixing jump rope exercises with bodyweight movements you can get a full body workout without a gym. The positive thing about this jump rope workout is that you do not have to do it for long, to enjoy the various benefits.

f) The MMA workout: MMA stands for mixed martial arts and this workout is designed to train the entire body in one session, with a focus on strength and endurance. Jump rope workout is an essential part of this fight-training programme as it incorporates several elements fighters are attempting to master— conditioning, timing, hand-eye-foot coordination, and the mental focus to access these elements at the same time.

g) Strength ladder: This workout has an inverted pyramid format. Start with 500 reps, drop down to 400 and 300, and then climb out with sets of 400 and 500 again. You need either two kettlebells or dumbbells and know the following exercises

  • Goblet squat
  • JRenegade rows
  • Plyo pushups
Basic requirements

For novices, a beaded rope is recommended because it holds its shape and is easier to control than a lightweight cloth or vinyl rope.

  1. Adjust the rope by holding the handles and stepping on the rope
  2. Shorten the rope so the handles reach your armpits
  3. Wear properly fitted athletic shoes, preferably cross-training shoes

You will need a four-by-six-foot area, and about 10 inches of space above your head. The exercise surface is very important. Do not attempt to jump on carpet, grass, concrete, or asphalt. While carpet reduces impact, the downside is it grabs your shoes and can twist your ankle or knee. Use a wood floor, piece of plywood, or an impact mat made for exercise.

How to do jump rope workout correctly?

If you have not done jumping rope for a long time, then it is better that you slow down the pace before taking it up again. It demands intense coordination and initially, you should practice foot and arm movements separately.

  • Hold both rope handles in one hand and swing the rope to develop a feel for the rhythm
  • Next, without using the rope, practice jumping
  • Finally, combine the two together. You will probably do well to jump continuously for one minute

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