How to increase memory

How to increase memory and concentration through yoga

Some yoga asanas that would help to increase memory and concentration

Do you want memory improvement as well as improved concentration? Certain yogic techniques would help you do just that. By stimulating the brain and nervous system, these techniques help to improve memory and concentration. An integral part of our daily lives, memory is the capacity to retain past events that help us plan future events. So, how to increase memory? Memory improvement happens when you follow a proper routine of diet, exercise and sleep.

Memory problems occur in all ages and are not restricted to any particular age group. To counter these memory problems, yoga asanas are a big help. Yoga works by first, calming you down and enhancing concentration. Then by increasing circulation to the brain, it can improve the power to recall. How to increase memory and concentration through yoga? Practicing different yoga asanas daily can significantly help in memory improvement and concentration. Some of the various yoga asanas that can help with concentration and memory improvement are

Paschimottan AsanaPaschimottanasana: Also known as, the knee to head pose, the benefits of this asana includes a calm brain and sharp memory. It also helps the mind to detach from the senses while getting rid of feelings of restlessness and irritability.

Sarvanga asanaSarvangasana: Known as shoulder stand, the benefits of this asana include relief from stress and nervous disorders. By increasing blood flow to the brain, it helps to increase memory and the intelligence quotient (IQ).

Padma AsanaPadmasana: This is the best asana to relax, calm your mind as well as sharpen memory skills.

Nadi Shodhan or Anulom VilomNadi shodhan/anulom vilom:This asana helps prevent memory loss by strengthening the subtle nerve currents along the spine and the brain. If practiced for a few minutes daily, it can help restore imbalances in the brain, calm your emotional state, improve sleep, and give you the ability to think clearly.

Sukha AsanaSukhasana: This asana revitalizes and strengthens the entire nervous system, with the vigorous repetition of the breath.

‘Dharana’ or the art of concentration is the state of focused attention, used during yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation. Dharana trains the mind to become clear, focused and one-pointed. How to increase memory using these three techniques of asana, pranayama, meditation? These techniques are used in the following manner for concentration and memory improvement.

1) Yoga asanas: Using a gazing point or ‘drishti’ especially during balancing postures, improves mental concentration. Spine lengthening postures, the forward and back bending poses; activate the spinal column and stimulate the nervous system. Inverted postures nourish the brain by increasing circulation of blood and oxygen. All these help in memory improvement and increase memory power.

2) Pranayama: Here, the mind is totally focused on the breath as it flows in and out of the body. Through the regulation of breath, oxygen and prana (energy) are also increased in the brain and body. Thus, pranayama increases concentration, memory as well as nourishes the brain.

3) Meditation: It is a step beyond ‘Dharana’ as it requires even more focus and concentration. The practice of meditation, in itself or in combination with yoga asanas and/or pranayama, frees the mind by reducing excessive thinking. Excessive thinking tires out the mind by consuming mental energy and obstructs from seeing and thinking clearly.

Asana, pranayama and meditation are powerful tools that stimulate the brain and improve the power of the mind.

Here I am suggesting 2-articles to follow to improve your memory through Yoga


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