Diet Plan

Diet plan for losing weight rapidly

The best diet plan for regaining good health quickly

Diets are the latest fad these days where people would do anything to lose those extra kilos. Not every diet plan would work for everyone. Try any one of these 7 customized diet programs created just for you.

Atkins diet program: This is a popular diet program. The Atkins Diet emphasizes eating lean protein and low-starch vegetables and avoiding simple carbohydrates such as flour and sugar. The diet involves a reduced glycemic load (carb content) to keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range. Gradually, it reintroduces carbohydrates while distinguishing between good and bad carbs.

South beach dietSouth Beach diet program: This diet plan encourages eating proteins and pure fats but restricts the intake of processed and refined carbohydrates. The diet program was designed to help people lower their risk of heart disease. So, try avoiding refined sugars and processed grains in favor of vegetables, beans, and whole grains and replace saturated fats with foods rich in good fats and omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and avocado.

Zone dietZone diet program: The Zone suggests that food can affect the hormonal response of the body and cause changes in insulin production. Zone diet stresses the importance of food more than energy or calories. It influences bodily functions especially the levels of insulin produced. By eating a proper balanced diet containing proteins, carbohydrates and fats, calories are reduced that results in overall better health.

Low carb diet program: This is a food diet program for weight loss and improved dietary health. It advocates restricted carbohydrate consumption as it ties up carbohydrate consumption to increased insulin levels and increased insulin levels to obesity.

Diabetic diet program: This diet plan is specially tailored for diabetics who want to lose weight. Diabetic diet vegetables supplies vitamins and minerals alongwith carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fibres. One cup of cooked or uncooked vegetables would help in maintaining control.

Cabbage soup diet program: As its name suggests, the Cabbage Soup Diet involves eating a very limited diet primarily made up of cabbage soup for a week in order to achieve quick weight loss. The claims made by this diet plan is that more the cabbage soup you eat, more is the weight you lose. That is because cabbage soup has negligible calories and so you do not have to worry about gaining weight.

Best diet for diabetesMediterranean diet program: A nutritional model inspired by the countries of the Mediterranean region especially Spain, Italy and Greece. The Mediterranean Diet encourages an all-encompassing healthy lifestyle through consumption of simple, fresh foods and exercises. The diet plan includes a high consumption of bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables, olive oil and fish.

Detox diet program: Also known as the ‘Master cleanse’ diet, this diet program focuses on a liquid diet that detoxifies the body and encourages weight loss. The diet is to be followed strictly during a 3-10 day period. It is broken into three phases that are

  • Ease in
  • The Lemonade diet
  • Ease out

This detox diet claims to make the body healthier and a lot more energized while removing toxins from the body and promoting weight loss.

Paleo dietPaleo diet: This refers to the diet eaten by early humans of the Paleolithic era and so, it is also known as the ‘Caveman diet’. The goal is to train your body to crave healthy foods and hence the diet plan includes meat, fish, vegetables and fruit while excluding dairy, grain products and processed foods.

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